Move It! Dance Project is a professional dance education program serving ages 4-14 in Lorain County. Founded in 2011, as a partnership of sisters Alicia Smith-Kirk and Angela Maggott (MUH-got).


Move It! utilizes a Performance based educational model. The Move It! philosophy is that the performance-based approach to education enables students to use their knowledge and apply skills in realistic situations.


Move Dance Project is comprised of students from many different backgrounds including African American, Caucasian,  Jamaican and Puerto Rican just to name a few.


The students of Move It! learn different dance disciplines. Ballet, derived from techniques associated with the Cecchetti Method of Ballet originating from Italy, Jazz derived from the African vernacular of dance, and Tap a true American art form originating right here in the USA.


In addition, students learn Hip Hop, Lyrical and Liturgical Praise dancing.  Our Motto is…Walk in, Dance Out. Move It! Dance Project, it’s more than just dance.


For more information, email us at moveitdp@gmail.com or call us at 440-444-4608.


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